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May 17, 2018
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May 28, 2018

After a storm hits and damages your home, one of the first questions in your mind might be: “Will my homeowner’s insurance cover my Greensboro new roof?”.

The answer depends on two things: your insurance policy and the state of your home before the storm hits.

  1. Your policy. Review your policy and check what types of roof damage are and are not covered. Storm and hailstorm damages are usually covered by your homeowner’s insurance.
  2. State of your home. You must be able to prove that you have properly maintained your roof before the storm hit. This means that you did not cause the roof damage and that your roof was not in need of a replacement before the damage happened. Neglecting your roof can invalidate your coverage.

As long as you file your claim correctly, maintained your roof properly, and meet all the requirements of the company, your insurer should compensate you for your Greensboro roof replacement.


Things to ask when filing a homeowners insurance claim

When you got a substantial damage on your roof after a storm, we encourage you to contact your insurance company immediately. Ask your agent the following:

  • Steps required in filing a claim.
  • These could include photos of the damage, articles about the recent storm that has damaged your home, a report from a roofing contractor (or three companies, in some cases) stating that your home needs a roof replacement, etc.
  • Ask, what is covered and not covered by the policy? This prevents you from getting a new roof installed only to find out that none of it is under the insurance coverage.

Note: Roofs 20 years or older are not usually covered by a roof replacement insurance claim.


How to claim a Greensboro new roof on your homeowner’s insurance

  1. Check your insurance policy to make sure that you are covered for the damage.
  2. Take pictures of the entire damage to the roof, including the interior damage. For hailstorm or storm damage, note the date and look for online and news articles about the occurrence of the storm.
  3. Contact your agent ASAP and find out how to make a claim for a new roof. Ask for the procedure for making temporary repairs.
  4. Call your roofing company. Ask for written estimates on the cost of your roof replacement. Save invoices and receipts for temporary repairs, including the cost of staying a hotel while your roof is unfunctional.
  5. Make the claim. As much as possible, have an insurance adjuster visit your home to check on the damage. If you can, let him speak with your contractor.
  6. Get a new roof once your claim is approved.


Wondering if your homeowner’s insurance covers your new roof? Call Your Roofing Company Inc. at (336) 944-0900 or contact us online. We provide a FREE inspection of your Greensboro residential roof. Most of all, our storm damage specialists work with all insurance companies and will assist you through the entire homeowner’s insurance claims process.

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