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May 28, 2018
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Water on your ceiling after it rains points out to a possible roofing problem. There is a possibility that your roof has a leak.

Seeing water spots is a warning sign – and it is one that you should be thankful for! It means that the leak has not yet progressed and, if dealt with as soon as possible, can be easily repaired.

In this case, we recommend calling your roofer as soon as you notice water spots on your ceiling. A small leak can be difficult to locate because water does not necessarily drip straight down. It can travel along the attic or on roof panels before dripping onto your insulation. This means that the leak problem may be far away from the water on your ceiling.

Is water on my ceiling after it rains a sign of a roof leak?

Not automatically. Water on your ceiling could also be caused by condensation on the plumbing pipes, plumbing problem or simply water that has passed through the window. However, it is always better to be safe than sorry. A roofing inspection does not cost much and could give you peace of mind, especially when strong storms come.

When to Call Your Roofer

Call your roofing professional when you notice that the spots darken and grow in size after it rains. These spots are caused by a slow roof leak. The bad thing about slow leaks is that they can cause big water damage when left unrepaired. In addition, they lead to other problems such as mold issues or structural problems with rotted wood.

Call Your Roofer when you these signs when it rains:

  • Wet spots inside attic
  • Water leaking behind your gutters
  • Moisture below or above your windows
  • Damp drywall around light fixtures

Want to have peace of mind before the next storm hits? Your Roofing Company, Inc. provides a comprehensive roof inspection that covers roofing systems, skylights, chimneys, vent pipes, and gutters. We also recommend possible solutions to water damage and leaks. Dial (336) 944-0900 to talk to a friendly technician today! Call us and you won’t have to say “I have water on my ceiling after it rains”. We can help.

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