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March 29, 2018
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May 17, 2018

Have you ever made wrong decisions, and wished that somebody warned you that something bad might happen? Warning signs are helpful because they point you to a potential problem. This way, you can probably make a U-Turn, prepare, or even avoid the worst thing that could happen. Same with roofing. Knowing these warning signs that your Greensboro home needs roof repairs will prevent you from having the need for a major roof replacement, or worse, dealing with a damaged property or a lost roof over your head (literally) when a huge storm hits.

What are the signs that I need roof repairs?

  1. Shingles that are old, dirty and damaged. Shingles and different types of roofing materials can get damaged by extreme temperatures, heavy storms, and even the wear and tear of aging. If you notice a missing shingle or if your roof is more than 15 years old, it’s time to schedule an appointment with your roofer.
  2. Shingles that are wet, moldy and dark. Unless the color of your shingle is naturally dark, you might have a problem with moisture and algae growth. If shingles are trapping moisture, then they are not doing their job. It could be a sign of necessary roof repair.
  3. Damage to the areas surrounding your roof. Check your vents, pipes, chimneys and surrounding areas for signs of wear and tear. These are places where damage tends to start. Most of the time, a simple repair solves a damage in a specific area.
  4. Black sandy particles in the gutter. These are called shingle granules. They usually fall off from composite or asphalt shingles when they start to wear out. Call for an inspection when you see sludge, pieces of shingle or granules in your gutters.
  5. Light in the attic. Light from above is a sign – but in this case, it’s a sign that you need roof repair. This means that water can pass through your home through the tiny opening in your attic. Schedule a roof inspection as soon as possible.
  6. Higher energy bills. A spike in your typical energy usage is a sign that you have a problem with your ventilation. This could mean that warm air or cold air may be leaking through your roof. A simple roof repair will address this issue – together with your energy expenses.
  7. Water spots on walls, floor, and attic. This could be a sign of a leak, and depending on the extent, may only require replacing a flashing or repairing your roof. Inspect your attic and crawl spaces for signs of moisture such as mildew, water stains and pools, and mold.


Call Your Roofing Company, Inc. at (336) 944-0900 as soon as you see the warning signs that your Greensboro home needs roof repairs. Talk to one of our friendly and trained representatives to learn more about our affordable roof repair and replacement plans. We also provide a comprehensive roof inspection that covers any sign of damage. This is a small investment that can save you thousands of dollars on possible roof replacements and give you peace of mind during a storm. Schedule an appointment today!

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