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March 29, 2018
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Want to know the different interior signs of roof damage? Read this list and repair the damage before it’s too late!

Roof damage is natural especially in Greensboro where the weather is unpredictable. Storms and snow can be nasty, and before you know it, it would be blistering hot. The changing weather can take a toll on your roof. However, the good new is that a major roof damage can be avoided simply by knowing the signs to look out for.


How to look for interior signs of roof damage

The best way to start looking for signs of roof damage is to look at the weakest part of your ceiling. After a storm, check whether a leak has formed near the skylights and other parts of the attic.

The area above your house bears the brunt of the weather. Starting from the top then moving your way to the bottom gives you a more systematic overview of the condition of your roofing system. As you move from top to bottom, try to spot the tell-tale signs mentioned below.


6 Roof Damage Signs to Look Out for Inside Your Home

These are interior signs that your roof might be in danger.

  1. Light passing through the attic. Your attic takes a beating from snow, wind, rain or ice buildup. This may be the place where damage can start. At daytime, go to the attic and turn off the lights. If you see light passing through the attic, chances are, water can also pass through.
  2. Yellow or sagging roof. Yellow, orange or brown interior ceiling stains may mean that water has found its way inside the house. It is also a sign of poor roof ventilation. Poor ventilation reduces the lifespan of your roof, so it’s better to call a professional to correct this issue before it causes further damage.
  3. Peeling paint on walls or attics. This is a sign that water has found its way inside the structure of your home.
  4. Water on the wall. If you happen to see water on the wall or in the corners of your home, make sure to call a professional roofing company just to be on the safe side.
  5. Moldy or musty odors. Areas exposed to moisture are the perfect environment for mold to thrive. Even a small leak can cause musty odors. Moldy smells is a sign that you have a moisture problem somewhere. Sometimes, you can see the mold forming. Other times, you will notice molds only after you or someone in the family experiences an asthma attack or respiratory problem even though it is not allergy season.
  6. Increased energy costs. If your energy bills have been on the rise despite adapting energy-saving measures, chances are, your roof may be the problem. A well-insulated and healthy roof maintains the temperature of a climate-controlled building. On the other hand, if something is wrong with the insulation, your HVAC system needs to work double-time to achieve the ideal temperature.


What to do when you see interior roof damage signs?

Don’t wait until you see major signs of roof damage before calling a professional for help. Your Roofing Company, Inc. uses state-of-the-art equipment to detect roofing problems before they do major damage to the interior of your building, your health, and the safety of your home. You invested a lot in your home to compromise on the condition of your home. Let our certified roofing team detect and solve your roof issues before it’s too late. Call us at (336) 944-0900 today!

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